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Cross Stitch patterns - pictures

  • Triptych - Africa - W. Crane
  • http://hafty2.nazwa.pl/files/produkty_png/8007d1.png

Triptych - Africa - W. Crane

cat. nr8007
Size in crosses106 x 300
Quantity colours36

Stamped cross-stitch

Tapestry canvas


cat. nrK 8007
Size in cm24 x 68

Price 10,30 EUR
Stiffen fabric with density 44/10 cm (11 ct) with colourful printed design. List of needed mouline threads (Anchor, Ariadna, DMC, Madeira).

Counted cross stitch

Pattern online


cat. nrW 8007

Price 3,60 EUR
Online chart - online access to the selected patterns through a dedicated aplication or/and to a pdf file with color scheme design, with a list of moulines from Anchor, Ariadna, DMC and Madeira company.

Cross Stitch pattern


cat. nrGC 8007

Price 4,90 EUR
Cross stitch pattern - on A4 size paper with a legend by the firms Anchor, Ariadna, DMC and Madeira.

Cross stitch kit


cat. nrZ 8007
Size in cm20 x 56

Price 28,10 EUR
Cross stitch kit includes: canvas (without printed pattern) Aida (100% cotton) 54 stitches/10 cm (14ct), Madeira mouline threads, needle and coloured cross stitch pattern (frame not included).

mouline threads and accessories

DMC cotton threads


cat. nrMD 8007
Quantity threads55

Price 49,00 EUR
DMC threads necessary to embroider this pattern.

Madeira cotton threads


cat. nrMM 8007
Quantity threads55

Price 41,30 EUR
Madeira threads necessary to embroider this pattern.

Ariadna cotton threads


cat. nrM 8007
Quantity threads55

Price 16,50 EUR
Ariadna threads necessary to embroider this pattern.

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